Booming North Texas

Unless you've been living under a rock in the DFW metroplex you probably know about Frisco's growth in the past 10 years.  Just last August (2015) Frisco joined the 150,000 resident club, and we're probably closer to 200k now.  With the 5 Billion Dollar Mile going in on the DNT, Frisco is planning for over 350k residents in the next TEN years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  With all this growth, some people are wondering how the city will handle the masses.  Fortunately for us, Frisco leadership is planning ten years in advance, or so it seems.  I don't have any links to back that up but if you notice, there is a TON of construction going on and bottlenecking of traffic is somewhat a rarity (with some exception).  Water lines were run years ago and the roads are wide enough to support, for now, all the new traffic.  

With that said, home builders are flocking to this growing community and with new construction comes new ways for homeowners to create an extension of their home.  Some go for trampolines, others go for pools, and some go for shade from our plentiful Texas sun.  While enjoying the outdoors isn't new, enjoying it in fashion and staying comfortable under the hot sun has really exploded, especially with all the new growth.

Platinum Fence & Patio has built hundreds of outdoor living areas.  From shade structures (arbor, pergola) to open-air covered patio's, (composite roof structures) we do it all and that doesn't mean you have to have a new home, or live in Frisco.  

The modernization of older homes in Dallas is also exploding with all the new growth.  Drive around re-budding neighborhoods and you'll see cedar is a popular option and not only in the back yard.  A popular new trend are cedar gabled entries, think rustic with a touch a modern.  Horizontal fences and auto-gates are also trending.  However most folks are looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the elements in the privacy of their backyards.

We work all over North Texas.  From Fort Worth to Greenville, Celina to Mansfield, we have the DFW metroplex covered.  Fully customizable, we build to suit your needs.  Do you grill a lot?  We do outdoor kitchens too!  Want shade without a roof?  That's our old speciality!  Do you want a roof over your head to protect your outdoor media?  We do it! How about a fireplace or a wood burning pizza oven?  Grills, refrigerators, decking, lighting, we do it all!

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Planning Out Incredible Outdoor Kitchens Design

For a long time, the extent of entertaining outdoors would be having a picnic lunch while you were out at a park or lake or having a barbecue in your backyard. While there is nothing wrong with either of these scenarios, the world of outdoor entertaining has changed quite drastically over the past decade with more and more people looking into ways that they can design their very own, fully functional outdoor kitchens. You may already cook on a grill outside when you are wanting to entertain or simply enjoy nature that is all around you. However, when you are able to fully entertain and prepare your meals outside, you are going to see that the world of entertaining and enjoyment is going to open up for you. There are so many designs that you can choose from that will help you to put together an incredible space that you will more than likely have a difficult time making a final decision on a design.

Some of the outdoor kitchen designs that you will see today will include everything from cabinets, sinks and cutting boards, to buffet areas, fully functional stove tops and even a built in refrigerator. You simply need to take the amount of time you are going to be spending outdoors entertaining when you are putting the design together.

Taking a look at some of the popular outdoor kitchens that you will see in magazines, on design websites and even home improvement shows will start to give you a lot of ideas on how you can begin to transform your own backyard or patio space. The bottom line is you need to have a place that is easily accessible, that gives you plenty of room to work and cook. From there, you can work on the decor and dining for everyone to enjoy your outdoor kitchen space and entertainment area.

The Benefits Of Outdoor Kitchens

More and more people are discovering the advantages of turning their backyards into outdoor living. This is a simple and fun way to expand your home without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars in an expensive addition. By turning patios into outdoor kitchens, many homeowners are finding that life can be a lot more enjoyable. patio-cover-dallas-platinum-fence-and-patio

In the summer, nothing beats going outside and grilling some steaks or burgers. When you have a real kitchen outside, rather than just a basic barbecue grill, you can cook a fancy meal that will make your mouth water. Your whole family will love the meals that you make outdoors. You may even find that your neighbors keep wanting to come over!

There are many different types of outdoor kitchens, so it is easy to design one that suits your needs. If you need help coming up with some ideas for your yard, you do not have to do this on your own. There are many different designs that you can use for ideas, or you can hire a design firm to help you out.

An outdoor kitchen can often be built for a surprisingly low cost. Such a project is certainly a lot cheaper than trying to build an addition to your home. The job can also be completed much more quickly so that you can start using your new space right away.

Another nice thing about this idea is that it is quite flexible. You can start with just a few simple things and then add more as you see fit. If you find that you have made too elaborate a kitchen, it is easy to scale back. This way, you can make sure that you are making good use out of every square foot of your backyard.

Choose A Privacy Fence For Backyard Living

When it comes to fences, there are various types. One form is the privacy fence. It is a structure that is taller than most other varieties. They are typically between 6 and 8 feet, and they come in a wide selection of materials such as wood, stone, vinyl and even vegetation. There are at least three reasons to opt for one of these fences:

1. Privacy From Neighbors

This is a popular reason to put up one of these fences. Many people consider their home their oasis and a place of sanctuary. They want privacy, and they don't want interruptions from neighbors. Nor do they want neighbors looking in on them while they relax and live their lives in their backyards. A tall fence will block out views.

2. Privacy from Passerby's

Your next-door neighbor may not be the only person you want to hide from. If your backyard is located on a busy sidewalk or near a busy street, everyone who passes your yard can see into your yard. A privacy fence is a good solution.

3. Decoration

Perhaps preventing intrusions from nosy neighbors is not your goal. Perhaps you'd simple like a beautiful fence to add a decorative look to your landscape. Fences intended to create privacy are often beautiful and can add to the look of a home.

So choose a privacy fence to protect your backyard from neighbors and other onlookers, or to add a touch of style to the exterior of your home. These fences can be found in home improvement and warehouse stores or in places that specialize in fences.

The best way to locate the most innovate looks for these fences is online. You will find hundreds of selections from various suppliers that you probably could not find by looking in a physical store.

How Can I Make My Outdoor Kitchen Dream Come True

Summer is coming faster then we think it is. With that special season comes family time in the backyard. There's nothing more enjoyable on a summer evening then a nice, big relaxing meal. Sure, you can cook outside as long as you have a grill, but can you complete all the preparation? No, you're going to need an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can be expensive to complete. If you're strapped for cash, this doesn't mean you can't make your dreams come true. It simply means that it will take longer. Just buy a single part of your outdoor kitchen when you can, like a mini fridge. Before you know it, you'll have all the parts you'll need for it's completion.

You can choose to go to an outdoor furniture section of your favorite furniture store, or there's another option. Amazon has everything you'll need to complete the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. The best part about using amazon? Prime members get free shipping.

A mini fridge, and grill won't be enough to complete a kitchen. You'll also need cabinets, and working space for you to prepare the meal. Don't forget about any utensils or knifes you might need. These can all be purchased online.

When having your outdoor kitchen built, you may be inspired to get new lawn furniture as well. Make sure you're comparing prices, and looking at quality. Color coordination is key to a good looking backyard, so try to get patio furniture that complements your outdoor kitchen.

You'll make loads of fun, and delicious memories once your outdoor kitchen is complete. You've always wanted one. Why not get it installed before the summer hits? Your whole family will enjoy being able to prepare great tasting meals in the comfort of your backyard.

What To Look For In A Patio Cover

Having a great time while sitting on the patio can be a good thing, but for a lot of people it is a challenge because the patio is exposed to the weather. This is when people should know more about what to look for in a patio cover. By knowing what to look for in these covers, people can easily protect themselves and their patio. Without this, though, people could easily find the wrong cover and end up not being able to enjoy the patio at all. The first thing that people should be looking for in the patio covers is going to be the amount of sun the cover can block out. Lets face it, the main reason why people do not sit outside in the middle of summer is because of the heat and this is often because of the summer sun beating down on them. With the cover, people will be able to block off most of the sun, but they need to know how much of the sun they can block out.

A second thing to look for in the patio cover is if the cover is retractable or not. Without this feature being considered, people may end up getting stuck with a cover that is out all the time, when they do not want it to be. However, if it is retractable, people may end up stuck with a cover that they cannot get up because of the weight of it or the weather.

Having a patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the middle of summer. The problem that a lot of people will find is they are going to have to protect themselves from the sun at some point in time. This is when they should know what to look for in a patio cover to guarantee they are protected from the suns beating rays.

Some Great Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Building an outdoor kitchen is a great idea. If you really want to make this your dream, however, it is important to make sure you know what to put out there. Here are some helpful ideas for you. The center point of your outdoor kitchen should be your grill. Choosing an outdoor grill for your kitchen can be a bit difficult, though. For starters, you should consider the size of the area you will be using for your kitchen. If it is not a big area, you should not get a large grill. It will take up the whole area, leaving no room for anything else. Do not forget about the counters you will place on either side of the grill for preparation and serving!

When making plans for your outdoor kitchen, be sure to leave some room for a well-sized table! The main point of putting in a kitchen outdoors is to be able to entertain you guests. That will be rather difficult if you do not have a big enough table. Be sure not to place it too close to the grill; you don't want the heat of the grill to disturb you and your guests.

One thing people seem to forget when making plans for their outdoor kitchen is lighting. Say you want to cook and have your meal outdoors and it is night time? How will you be able to see what you are doing if you do not have adequate lighting? Some people choose to use Christmas lights for lighting; this is way to cut costs!

Give Platinum Fence & Patio a call when you're  ready to begin planning for your outdoor kitchen. Of course, the design you choose is totally up to you! But, let the tips above serve as a good starting point!

Is it time to build an outdoor kitchen?


Building an outdoor kitchen can improve the value of a home. It can expand an outdoor living space and allow for cooking, eating and entertaining. The building of such an area does require a great investment of time, money and planning. Several factors should be considered when considering such a project.

Lots of thought should go into choosing a location. Many people choose to place their grill so that smoke does not blow directly onto the house. The distance from an indoor kitchen to an outdoor kitchen can have an impact on the person hosting an event. It may be necessary to reconsider this project if the home does not allow for easy access between these two spots. Also it is necessary to choose a location that allows for easy traffic flow and safety.

Outdoor Living, Outdoor Kitchen

There are numerous features that can be added to an outdoor space. A homeowner may have specific appliances in mind. Consideration will need to go into the cost of refrigeration and cooking items as well as how they fit within the overall design of the space. Just as with an indoor kitchen, there will need to be plenty of room for storage. Counter tops and cabinets should be designed to reduce clutter. Taking the time to visualize what needs there are will help in this decision making process.

Grills, sinks and small refrigerators are usually included in outdoor spaces. Many kitchens even include specialty appliances such as smokers and hibachi grills. Each outdoor space is unique, so it will be necessary to decide which items to include and which to do without. These items will need to be designed to deal with both sun and rain. Platinum Fence and Patio in Frisco has the experience to assist with all of these considerations.

This area of the home will most likely be a place for gathering with friends, relaxing, and enjoying great food. It's an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. As a result it should be a comfortable living space. Adding chairs, tables, and decorative items will enhance this space. Seek out furniture that is comfortable and durable. Some luxury outdoor spaces now even include televisions which makes this an ultimate entertainment area.

Finally, good lighting can improve the space. Outdoor lighting will extend the amount of time that can be spent outside while also improving safety around the grill and walkways. Consulting with a professional is recommended.

Adding a kitchen to your outdoor space can be a huge task. Consider all the aspects of this project before beginning. Ultimately there can be many benefits to having this kitchen. It can be well worth the time, money and planning. Platinum Fence and Patio will assist you in creating the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


Outdoor Fireplaces for Enjoying Cool Fall and Winter Nights

Outdoor fireplaces create a beautiful setting for enjoying dining on the patio on cool fall or winter nights. Traditionally, they were made of brick or stone and a foundation had to be built before the bricks or stones were laid. Those who want to improve their backyards with an outdoor fireplace but don't want to hire a stone mason or bricklayer now have prefabricated options available.

DIY outdoor fireplace kits are widely available from most home improvement stores. They can be purchased on-line or in the store. They range in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Many of the higher-end models come equipped with amenities like a pizza oven or high grade stone.


A fireplace built from a kit is similar in appearance to an indoor fireplace. It has a hearth, or base, the fireplace itself and a chimney. The chimney on an indoor fireplace extends all the way through the roof of the house, however the chimney on an outdoor fireplace may only rise a few feet above the fireplace. This makes it easier to move the fireplace around if necessary, and it keeps the chimney from touching any low-hanging branches, which would be a fire hazard.

There are many materials available for building an outdoor fireplace. All DIY kits are built with a stone or brick facade instead of using real bricks or stones. The stone or brick veneer is applied to the face of the fireplace as opposed to building the entire structure from carved stone or brick, which would require the expensive services of a stone mason. This not only makes the piece easier and less expensive to install, but it also make it easy to relocate it if the homeowners desire.

Homeowners can choose a facade that matches the existing finish of their house, or they can choose a contrasting material to add an interesting design feature. There are many possibilities to meet the design aesthetics of the homeowner.

There are three possibilities for powering an outdoor fireplace. Homeowners can choose wood-burning, gas-powered or propane-fired. Those with an abundant supply of dry firewood and a place to put the fireplace where it is not near any trees, can choose a wood-burning model. If the home already has gas installed and it's easy to run a gas line to the outdoor patio, the homeowner may choose a gas-powered model. Gas-fired fireplaces require a hook-up to a gas line and the propane tank must be kept full.

With the approach of autumn, now is a good time to think about installing an outdoor fireplace. Homeowners can extend the usefulness of their outdoor kitchens by installing a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace turns an ordinary patio into an outdoor living space that can be used almost all year round.

Replacing Your Fence Adds Value to Your Home

One of the ways to add value to your home is by building a fence. There are various designs of fencing that can give your home a great look, as well as increase its privacy and security. Fencing can be customized to meet the designs you have in mind, and with the help of a reputable company, such as Platinum Fence & Patio, homeowners are able to come up with a fence that is suitable for their home. For example, you can consider using a wooden fence to secure your home and give it an appealing look; wooden fences are one of the most popular types.

The popularity of wooden fences can mainly be attributed to the fact that they are affordable, and that they offer a natural look that compliments the features of nearly any landscape or outdoor garden. In addition, wooden fencing has been known to offer great privacy. Board on board is the best wooden fencing style that offers total privacy -- the boards overlap one another, so no one can see into your yard.

Stockade wood fencing can also offer privacy, but without overlapping. The durability of wooden fences can be enhanced by putting in place the necessary maintenance measures, such as staining and sealing, which protects the fence against fading, climate changes, and weathering. Platinum Fence and Patio offer wood fencing made by subjecting treated pine and cypress to pressure, so the wood fences are resistant to termites. Both standard and customized wooden fences are available to clients.

The three designs of wooden, privacy fences include a basic privacy fence, lattice-top, and shadowbox. Most of these designs are made using cedar, cypress, and pressure-treated pine. The height of a privacy fence is between 6 to 8 feet, and the most popular material is the treated pine. Treated pine is highly preferred because it is long lasting and affordable. Cedar can also last for a long time, but is more costly. Out of the three types of wood, cypress lasts the longest, but it is often hard to find. Privacy fences, in most neighborhoods, are made using treated pine by putting pickets together. Initially, it is hard to see through the privacy fence, but as time goes by, gaps develop due to the shrinking of the treated pine, so it is important to replace your fence as soon as gaps begin to develop, in order to further ensure privacy and security, as well as the fence's aesthetic qualities.

Create an Outdoor Kitchen to Expand Your Living Space

Outdoor living has become a very trendy way of life. Many people, especially those that live in warmer climates, have begun incorporating outdoor living spaces at their homes. It is an incredible way of enlarging the amount of living space.. Whether it is a patio, more seating, or a kitchen for the chef at the house, outdoor living space is, usually always, a well-used area of any home. Many people have become interested in the concept of outdoor kitchens. An outdoor kitchen doesn't always mean having a full-use range, microwave, coffeemaker, or a refrigerator, but it could be a grill and bar instead. There are many ways to design an outdoor kitchen, depending on what a person desires. Some people will have a grill, a wine fridge, and a simple counter-top. It really all depends on the homeowner's preference.


Platinum Fence and Patio, specializes in outdoor living spaces and framing. They are skilled professionals that have designed many outdoor kitchens and living spaces for their clients. For an exceptional outdoor living space in the Frisco area, Platinum Fence and Patio might be the solution. They use the most durable materials for a lifetime of serviceability. They will work with their clients and construct an outdoor living space that is greatly desired by the homeowner.

When framing an outdoor living space, there are a lot of wonderful options. Framing can be done with wood, steel, concrete, or block. These materials are the most popular and stable options. The construction of an outdoor kitchen is crucial if you a long-lasting design is desired. Using such durable materials will only make an outdoor space more impervious to weather and normal wear.

For the most affordable option in outdoor kitchen, wood is the most commonly chosen. While wood is definitely a great option, something like steel will ensure a permanent structure. This is why it is best to have a professional fabricate and design an outdoor kitchen, while keeping the client's budget in consideration. Platinum Fence and Patio will keep clients grounded, and offer the best possible options for the outdoor living space.

Outdoor patios, kitchens, and seating are all fundamentals to anyone who enjoys the outdoors. If spending more time outside is something that is longed for, creating an outdoor living space and enlarging the amount of livable space at home may be the answer. Nearly anyone who incorporates more living space outside will find that the space is well-loved and becomes of great use.

Top 3 Materials Used for Framing an Outdoor Kitchen

There are various types of materials used to build outdoor kitchens. A well-built kitchen can withstand tough conditions, whether natural or man-made, and last for a long time. You should choose materials that can endure high temperatures and typical accidents, such as liquid spills, grease, and stains. One of the most complicated procedures in building an outdoor kitchen is constructing the base or structure. It's important to do some research and to select a strong and durable material for your kitchen. Additionally, be sure to hire a professional and experienced contractor who can build a safe kitchen for your home.

One of your framing options is wood or plywood top. This material is generally the most affordable choice up front. However, it can be very risky, due to the fact that wood can burn and can also be damaged by insects. Also, wood will most likely rot and shrink even if treated. On the whole, wood is not a highly recommended option for your outdoor living space, but if you still prefer a wood-framed base, make sure to use pressure-treated pine so the base can endure extreme heat generated by the grill. Cover the inside and outside of the structure with a cement backer board to protect the base from heat and water.

Many homeowners go for brick, as this is typically easy to work with, resistant to fire and bad weather conditions, and relatively affordable. These materials also allow you to customize your kitchen completely. If you choose to have a concrete block kitchen, you can use decorative concrete panels, stone, tile, and stucco as facing materials, although facing materials are not necessary since your brick kitchen will already have a gorgeous finish. Be sure that the structure is constructed on a solid, level slab of concrete for best results.

One of the most popular and highly recommended materials for outdoor kitchens is steel, which is a strong, durable, and versatile material. It can endure strong winds and extreme temperatures very well. You can use steel frames to build either a simple or elaborate outdoor kitchen. You can also use a cement backer board to skin the structure and use tile, stone, or stucco as facing materials.

Whether you choose wood, concrete, or steel, make sure to hire a trusted expert who has a proven track record in building outdoor kitchens. Invest in superior materials to get a quality, durable, and long-lasting kitchen that won’t put you and your family at risk, or require costly repairs in the next few years. At Platinum Fence & Patio, we have a team of professionals with years of experience, and we can help you build the best kitchen for your home. Call us now if you have any queries about outdoor kitchens.

Benefits of a Covered Patio

Covering your patios and decks will provide your porch space with many advantages. A covered patio or deck will protect you from the ultraviolet rays which cause damage to the skin; since you have a shade, you can relax on your deck without being directly exposed to the sun. This means that you can enjoy the summer breeze while comfortably sitting on your porch. Having a covered deck also allows you to stay outside, despite a strong wind or rain, which is obviously not possible if the deck or patio has no covering. Because of this covering, there is an additional space at home, which gives you the atmosphere of the outdoors without completely stepping outside.


A covered patio is also a good space where your family and friends can spend time together. It offers a good view, such as your garden or the sunset, while eating dinner; without worrying about the weather. If you have furniture displayed on the deck, you do not have to be anxious about its safety, since it will surely be protected from the sun or rain, which can cause damages to the various materials. The patio’s cover will also protect it from other factors, such as leaves, pollen, and dust, which can easily make the furniture dirty. Other pieces, such as your chairs and tables, are also always dry, so you can use them any time you want to. With a covering, decks and patios do not require much maintenance, since they will not need to be cleaned as often after a storm or a windy day.

Adding aesthetic value to your home is another thing that a covered patio can provide. If your house is up for sale, it will attract more buyers, since covered decks and patios are gaining popularity. A patio cover can provide a cooler temperature for the interior of your house as well. This is due to the shade it provides, which can be a way of reducing your energy consumption spent on air conditioning.

The comfort and protection that covered decks and patios can provide make it an excellent decision to hire the services of companies that can build these covers. Platinum Fence and Patio is one of the companies that builds great designs based on your preference and style. Their team is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service, with the highest quality of products, and their professional expertise in building covered patios and decks.

Outdoor Kitchens: Fun and Functionality

Approaching the construction of an outdoor kitchen can be quite a daunting task. It is simple enough to want one to enjoy the facets of nature while preparing your favorite meals, however, there are many different factors that all add into the creation and continued maintenance of an outdoor kitchen. outdoor-living-dallas-platinum-fence-and-patio copy

First and foremost, if one personally does not have the skills or access to the skills to build a proper kitchen for the outdoors, then consult someone who does. Platinum Fence and Patio, based out of Frisco, our clients expect the best quality, durability, and longevity of the kitchen installed, other contractors, and property inspectors. Still, employing the right contractor is simply not enough; there is much of a hands-on approach that needs to be taken into account.

Initially, when planning the outdoor kitchen, it is best to select materials designed to withstand the common elements occurring in the area. For instance, stainless steel will not only provide a homeowner surfaces that can be easily cleaned, but it usually contributes a material that is resistant to many of the effects of corrosion. As for counter spaces, it is commonly accepted to utilize natural stone for outdoor use. However, be forewarned that counters of this type can require resealing more often than an average homeowner is willing to invest.

Though the building supplies can be hand-selected to endure all of the natural woes that may befall the kitchen, it is essential not only to plan the materials being used, but the actual layout of the cooking space as well. Planning the kitchen as a part of the home’s exterior, rather than just an addition to the house, will not only create a highly functional system, but also provide atmosphere. It can be assumed that if an exterior kitchen is being installed, other outside areas, including patios, porches, playgrounds and pools, often coexist. The cooking area should be viewed as an extension of the flow of any supposed foot-traffic from family and friends, and should always be taken into account.

Though there are many details that have to be assessed and attended to, the ownership of an outdoor kitchen isn’t all maintenance and toil. The surprising fun and aesthetic appeal that it can bring to a yard, and likewise the entire property, can ensure many entertaining days and evenings to come. Give Platinum Fence and Patio a call today to start planning your outdoor kitchen; let the fun begin.

Make your Home Beautiful with a Privacy Fence

One of the joys of home ownership is that it allows the freedom to build new things and start new projects. A privacy fence is a great addition to any home and it can provide security as well as keeping prying eyes out of private spaces. Privacy fencing is a great solution to allowing your small children to play outside without the worry of strangers. They keep large dogs contained and safe from wandering the streets and getting picked up by animal control. A fence can be used as a whole yard solution or as a privacy fence for a small area such as a hot tub or a patio. A fence can be built to a height that blocks the view of the yard from bystanders and nosy neighbors. It can be stylish and fit the design and color of the home. Platinum Fence & Patio can help achieve the privacy fence that best suits its purpose and design. It is the season for outdoor entertaining and weekend barbecues. Call today for an estimate! Before beginning any project on your property it is best practice to learn about your city's regulations on building structures. There are usually height limits and building permits to be obtained. Allowable height may vary between the front and back yard of the property. In order to determine how high of a privacy fence is needed, a simple method can be used. It involves a piece of cardboard cut to the height of the fence desired. A second person can walk the perimeter of the property with the cutout and you can see if the height is going to be enough for your needs. Other design aspects need to be taken into consideration. For a whole yard fence, consider how wide you need a gate to be. What will you need to bring into the yard through the fence? Are there other things around your property that you like to visit? Is there a park behind the house or a neighbor? Think about gate placement in terms of their use. Removable panels are an option for yards that vehicles are driven into. The design and style of the fence can vary throughout the property. Keep your needs in mind as you go through the planning process. A professional fence builder can aid you in planning and design. Call Platinum Fence & Patio for a free estimate today.

Want A Great Way To Get More Security For Your Home? Why Not Try Automatic Gates

Are you looking for something that's going to add a little more class to the homestead? Something that's going to show people you're not messing around when it comes to your security? Then maybe it's time to look into automatic gates for your home. They're also a great idea for some businesses. The first thing you need to decide is how far the gate has the stretch. This will help the people who are installing your gate give you an estimate on the cost a head of time. It doesn't really matter how large the property is.

Automatic gates come in all different shapes and sizes. Of course, you probably want one that's big enough to block a human at least. This means you want a fence that's not climbable and at least 8 feet high. Of course, no ones going to risk driving their car through an iron fence to see what happens, so that's usually the best material for the fence as well.

Why deal with wood fence that can be easily broken when you have the choice of going with automatic gates for your home? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me as far as protection goes. Don't you want the safest house in the neighborhood?

I know you'll love the extra security that having an automatic gate can provide your home or business. Remember, it's worth the money because it's about your safety.

Give Platinum Fence and Patio a call today to receive your Free Estimate.

Sit Under the Shade of a New Patio Cover

When one is so fortunate to live in a part of the country such as North Texas, where we are able to enjoy the outdoors for an extended time throughout the year it is almost a crime not to take full advantage of it.  And what better way to do that?  Well, by installing a patio cover or arbor, of course. A patio cover, arbor or pergola of some sort will allow your friends and family members to get the most out of the outdoor oasis we call our backyard.  With the added protection, we can ensure ongoing, all-season enjoyment even in the hottest of Texas sun or during light spring showers.


Fortunately for you, there is also a considerable range of designs and building materials in varying levels of quality.  Designs can range from the basic, clean line style to the extremely elaborate and ornate, dependent upon the look and feel called for by your backyard and home style.

Most designs modifiable for most building materials, from cedar, to metal or vinyl.  Wood and metal options may require ongoing maintenance, whereas other materials are more user friendly, such as vinyl.  In that case a simple hose down from time to time will keep things fresh and clean for quite a long time.

There are even newer, environmentally friendly solar patio covers available these days to provide a clean, alternative power source for our outdoor entertaining, in addition to overhead protection from the elements.

With so many choices in so many areas it is fairly easy, especially when partnered with the right construction team, to identify the right combination of elements to make your dream patio come alive.

So how do you decide?  The answer is simple.  Call your resident experts and Platinum Fence and Patio for your free design consultation today!

Outdoor Kitchen Designs and Ideas | Platinum Fence & Patio

Have you been dreaming of an outdoor kitchen but were unsure if it was even in your budget?   An outdoor kitchen is, in fact, a great choice when looking at home improvement options and can be achieved more easily than one might think. Since most budgets can’t include every outdoor kitchen item our heart desires, however, there are many backyard kitchen transformations ideas that are scalable to your personal space and budgetary limitations.

Simple start with the basics and go from there.  Don’t forget to include an outdoor kitchen design expert in the process so that design mistakes can be avoided.  Additional amenities may always be added down the road, as the opportunity arises, such as a sink, fridge, or wine cooler.

Here are some of the primary concerns you should address during the initial outdoor kitchen design.  First how large a footprint do you require for your outdoor living space?  Practical space for food prep and clean-up, as well as amply room for serving and dining areas makes for easy outdoor entertaining.

Secondly, what kind of overhead coverage is desired for protection from hot summer rays or the light spring showers so the party can go on.  Those covering options may be simply be a beautifully designed pergola or arbor that can host flowering vines or a fully shingled extension of your existing roofline.

Next, think through your lighting needs, and even consider ceiling fans for extended entertaining time.  The placement will best be determined by the placement of your cooking and eating space, which brings us to visualizing your grilling area and requisite counter space.  Invest in a high quality grill upfront.

Start brainstorm with Platinum Fence and Patio design experts today to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!  Give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Wrought Iron Fence | Platinum Fence & Patio

Robert Frost once said, “Good fences make good neighbors”.  If that is the case, then picking the right type of fence is also important.  So how do you choose the right style to complement your home and garden design?  There are many elements to consider, not withstanding longevity, aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and of course the overall cost as compared to your budget. There are many varieties of fence choices ranging from inexpensive chain-link to a wide variety of wooded options all the way to elaborate ornamental wrought iron fencing, which add an air of elegance to any yard or garden landscape.

For the homeowner with an eye for design wrought iron is often the fence option of choice, due to the rich, elegant look it provides and the wide variety of elaborate designs available from which to work.

The cost of materials, production, and installation does tend to run a little higher than other fencing options, however, the many benefits of wrought iron fencing generally make it worth the additional cost.

Some of the benefits of wrought iron include its durability which far out lives all other fencing options. Don’t forget how relatively maintenance free this type of fencing is; especially with a coat of paint every few years to protect from normal weather related corrosion that is to be expected in iron work pieces.

Security surrounding your property is heightened due to its strength it is incredibly difficult to break.  And privacy need not suffer, as a good wrought iron fence may be the perfect base for heavy flowering vines, such as wisteria or line the perimeter with beautiful shrubbery.

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